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Tellura - the structured information people

We help organisations to build meaningful content and information architectures. We create taxonomies, controlled vocabularies, thesauri and ontologies.
We wrangle undisciplined content into well-behaved, linked data internet citizens.

Advice and consultancy

With many decades of experience building information services on the web and elsewhere, we understand information architecture, content structure, data classification and more. We can help you to do the same.

Taxonomy design and modelling

We have been designing information taxonomies for more than 15 years, and for clients ranging from education to engineering. We know the market and can help you to choose the taxonomy system that works for you.

Management and best practice guidance

Like any other other information asset, taxonomies need care and feeding. We have worked with many clients to help them implement best practices for taxonomy management, standards and governance.

Linking information to information

We show organisations how to connect content with taxonomies to improve content discovery and re-use, and how to use linked data to create a knowledge network of information objects and classification schemes.

Clients, partners and news

We work with clients of all sizes and across many sectors, industries and countries. Here's a selection of our work.
When there's interesting news, that is here too.

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Credit Suisse

Taxonomy and ontology design and build | Governance
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Taxonomy design, build and governance | Content architecture
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Barclays UK

Taxonomy design, build and governance | Content architecture
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Tellura and The Semantic Web Company announce strategic partnership

News : 1 June 2016

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with The Semantic Web Company. Semantic Web Company is a leading technology provider in the semantic web space, with world-leading products such as PoolParty allowing organisations to build, mine and discover information across structured and unstructured data.

Pearson taxonomy and content architecture work


Taxonomy design and management | Content architecture

This global education provider has been engaging with the issues involved in moving from traditional paper publishing to dynamic digital-first channel-based publishing. This work involved the implementation of a taxonomy management system together with a wide range of enterprise controlled vocabularies, and the early work to create an object-based content architecture in which content classified with taxonomies could form a knowledge network of semantically aligned resources.

British Museum Talking Objects project

British Museum

Website design and build

We designed and delivered a website for the British Museum's Talking Objects project, using Drupal and a variety of innovative techniques

Employment Lawyers Association

Employment Lawyers Association

Website design and build | Information consultancy

The ELA is an apolitical organisation representing the views and interests of over 6000 specialist, qualified employment lawyers in the UK. We designed, built and supported the public website and the secure membership management system for this client.

University of Manchester projects

University of Manchester

Information architecture | Usability analysis

We have worked on a range of commissions for the University of Manchester including information architecture analysis for the Library website, usability analysis and testing for the Jorum web service.

National Strategies taxonomy and content architecture

The National Strategies

Taxonomy design | Content architecture

We worked with this client on a major website design using Drupal. We developed many controlled vocabularies for this client, for use in classification and navigation. We also created comprehensive taxonomy standards governance and management processes for this client.

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