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We work with clients of all sizes and across many sectors, industries and countries. Here's a selection of articles about our work. When there's interesting news, you'll find that here too.

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Royal Horticultural Society

September 2017 - date

Client project - Royal Horticultural Society


We are working with this globally renowed horticultural society on a strategic project to improve taxonomy management for plant names.

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Credit Suisse

October 2016 - date

Client project - Credit Suisse


We are working with this global bank in a variety of pieces of taxonomy design and development work.

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June 2017 - date

Client project - Syngenta


We worked in partnership with Semantic Web Company on the development of semantic architectures to improve information management and discovery.

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Barclays UK

June 2016 - date

Client project - Barclays UK


We are working with Barclays UK on a number of taxonomy related projects aimed at improving the linking and discovery of information across the enterprise

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Oxford University Press English Language Teaching

Summer - Winter 2016

Client project - taxonomy for OUP


We provided advice, consultancy and design skills to Oxford University Press in a project to build and apply information taxonomies to English Language Teaching. This work included taxonomy design and building, and development of a governance process.

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Taxonomy for JCB Digital Asset Management System

Summer - Autumn 2016

Client project - taxonomy for DAM


JCB has a huge library of image content to support sales, marketing and other business activities. The company has recently implemented a digital asset management DAM system. Tellura designed and built a sophisticated taxonomy to improve the discovery capabilities offered by this DAM system.

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Tellura and Semantic Web Company announce strategic partnership

1 June 2016

News item - Tellura and SWC announce strategic partnership


We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with The Semantic Web Company (SWC). Headquartered in Vienna, SWC is a leading technology provider in the semantic web space, with world-leading products such as PoolParty allowing organisations to build, mine and discover information across structured and unstructured data.

Enterprises face new challenges in the field of data-, information- and knowledge management. SWC provides powerful solutions based on semantic (web) and linked (open) data standards and technologies to realise web-based portals and tools for the efficient management of growing amounts of information and data to create and thereby provide knowledge.

To this compelling technology offering, Tellura brings the insight and expertise of taxonomists, ontologists and content architects with decades of experience across industry and the public sector.

We have used PoolParty to help organisations to design and build high-quality taxonomies and content models for the modern world of discoverable, re-usable content.

Recognising that it is not enough just to implement a system, Tellura specialises in helping businesses to develop the standards, service management and governance processes that make effective use of taxonomies in creating, classifying, discovering and re-using content.

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Pearson taxonomy and content architecture work


Pearson taxonomy and content architecture work


This global education provider has been engaging with the issues involved in moving from traditional paper publishing to dynamic digital-first channel-based publishing. This work involved the implementation of a taxonomy management system together with a wide range of enterprise controlled vocabularies, and the early work to create an object-based content architecture in which content classified with taxonomies could form a knowledge network of semantically aligned resources.

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British Museum Talking Objects


British Museum Talking Objects project


Talking Objects Collective was a project developed by The British Museum aimed at giving school and college students opportunities to work with objects in the Museum's collection, and to find links to similar objects encountered in life elsewhere.

We built two separate generations of this website using Drupal 7 and a number of innovative design features.

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Employment Lawyers Association


Employment Lawyers Association


The ELA is an apolitical organisation representing the views and interests of over 6000 specialist, qualified employment lawyers in the UK.

We initially designed and built a bespoke membership management system for this client.

Subsequently we re-designed the public web presence for ELA. This website was built on Drupal 7 using a range of standard and bespoke modules, and included a deep integration with the earlier membership management system.

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University of Manchester


University of Manchester Library and Jorum projects


We worked on several projects with the University of Manchester over the period from 2012 - 2015.

We initially worked with the Jorum team on usability, information architecture, taxonomy and agile methodologies projects for this collection of open educational information resources.

We followed this work with a major information architecture analysis of the University Library websites, with recommendations of ways to improve the user experience.

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The National Strategies


National Strategies taxonomy and content architecture


The National Strategies was a UK government educational body that provided information for the schools (K-12) sector. They managed a large collection of high-quality educational content resources for the use of education practitioners.

We worked with this client on a major innovative website design using Drupal. This site was centred on the use of content objects classified using a comprehensive range of taxonomies. We developed many controlled vocabularies for this client, for use in both classification and website navigation. We also created comprehensive taxonomy standards governance and management processes for this client.

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